VX 220

JK Composites newest seat range is the VX 220, named after the Vauxhall VX 220, which is made from the Lotus Elise desgin. There are other cars which are suited to this particular bucket seat, the MX5 being just one of them.
The VX 220 seat is aimed at the fast road car owner who also does track days. The sides of the seat are lower then the other JK Composites seats, if you do need the high sides for serious track car work then these can be made on order. Please contact us if this is something you require, these do cost extra.
This seat is a full twin skin fibreglass bucket seat, this means there is an extra shell covering entire back and base of the seat. The VX 220 seats are the strongest seat JK Composites produces. The look of the seat is different too, the high gloss finish can be seen on the front and on the rear, making the VX 200 seats look even better.
VX 220 costs £283 per seat, free postage within the UK.
Seat brackets and upholstery cost extra.
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