JK Composites has been a manufacturer of high quality fibreglass products for over 15 years. At the starting point of the business they made a variety of products for the sports car market, when JK Composites started making bucket seats they gained popularity and recognition, especially in the Kit car market. Now 15 years on and JK composites is a well recognised name in the sports car industry.
JK Composites seats have many advantages over a standard sports car seats
JK seats are stronger. Using multiple layers of woven roving fibreglass infused with the poly gel which starts a chemcial process, this process takes serveral hours, and is just the start of the journey to becoming a world class fibreglass product.
JK seats are lighter. Much lighter, one of the key features of these seats and most sports car aftermarket products is lightness. Your car will be faster if it is light weight.
JK seats look stunning. Your car, may it be a fast road car or a Kit car is something you have put time and effort into. To imporve the look of your pride and joy you are going to need the best, these seats are made to a glossy finish. They shine and will only improve the look of your car.
JK seats give you better feel. When you take your car to a track, you are aiming to take your car to it’s limit. To do this you are going to need to be at one with your car, to do this you need seats with a shape that holds you in place, to feel the G-forces rather than letting you wobble from side to side.
There are many options when you order your seats. All the seats will hold you in place, you can request high sides if that is what you prefer, please contact us if you will be needing higher sides of the seats.





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